Please note that we are NOT a recruitment agency, and we do not employ Caregivers directly or provide home care directly. 

This platform assists employers and families with their search for qualified and professional Caregivers. Please click on the questions below to guide you in the process of finding a Caregiver to suit your needs, or if you are Caregiver and would like to register your details on our platform.

I am an employer and want to hire a Caregiver:

I am an employer and I want to search for a Caregiver on this platform.

We understand how important it is to find a suitable and qualified Caregiver for your specific needs. This platform has been designed to assist you in finding the perfect Caregiver to meet your needs. All Survival® Caregivers have completed our accredited Caregiver training course as well as completed the minimum required 168 hours of practical experience. 

Once you have registered on this link, you will be directed to our Caregiver directory where you will be able to search for a Caregiver that best meets your needs.

I am an employer and I want to register on this platform.

On this platform you are able to filter your search for a Caregiver, based on important criteria such as language preference, shift preference, location etc. We pride ourselves on offering you a resource to find the best Caregiver for your needs!

In order to have full access to view the Caregiver profiles on our platform, you will need to register on our platform. A registration fee of R250 is payable before you will have access to the contact details of our registered Caregivers. 

Please go directly to this link to pay securely online for your registration fee. 

How do I know what Caregiver would suit my requirements?

The Survival® Caregivers are trained to put your needs first. Our Caregivers are trained to provide the necessary care required in various circumstances.

Read more about the kind of Caregiving is taught by Survival®:

How do I set up an interview with a Caregiver?

Our extensive search function will allow you to filter the listed profiles until you have a short list of the Caregivers that best meet your needs. You will then be required to make contact with the potential candidates to set up an interview with them directly.

I am a Caregiver:

I am a Caregiver and want to have my profile on this platform.

Please take note the minimum requirements to be added to the platform are:

  • Trained, certified and completed the Survival® Caregiver Course.
  • Have an up-to-date CPR and First Aid certificate, certified and endorsed by the Resuscitation Council of South Africa and the American Heart Association, completed through Survival®.

Register here to add your Caregiver profile to the website.

I want to study to be a Caregiver.

Are you passionate about helping others, why not become a Survival® Caregiver ?

Survival® Caregivers are truly special, as they make a significant difference to those families needing the help of a caregiver.

We are the fastest growing Caregiving community in South Africa, and we are always looking to assist people who want a career as a Caregiver. This is one of the most flexible and rewarding jobs available today, and it’s perfect for part, or full time, work. If you are motivated to give back to the people around you, have a big heart and want to learn some new skills, why not consider doing our Caregiver Course? 

For more information, please refer to our website link here.

If you have completed our Survival® Caregiver Course and would be interested to add your details to this platform, please click this link, alternatively please contact us for assistance. 

I am not Caregiver, but I want to be on this platform.

You can only be registered on this platform if you have studied to become a Caregiver with Survival®. If you have not studied our Caregiver Course, and would like to, please click on this link to view more details about the Course.

Survival® would love to hear from you! We are here to assist you in finding your perfect employer.

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