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*Please note that Survival® Carers is not a recruitment agency, we do not employ Caregivers or provide home care directly. You will be responsible for negotiating the terms of engagement directly with the Caregiver you wish to employ.

Survival CPR was established in 2001 by Sister Catherine Rodwell and Survival® is now a nationally recognized name with 20+ years of experience and a leader within the field of Caregiver Training. All our Caregivers on this platform are trained by Survival® Carers.

Welcome to Survival Caregivers

We provide this platform to assist employers and families with their search for qualified and professional Caregivers.

The Survival® Caregiver is more than a Caregiver, they help make life easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. We train Survival® Caregivers to be highly qualified, professional and compassionate Caregivers and therefore are the only Caregivers permitted to showcase their work profiles on this platform.

After registration you can start your custom search for a Caregiver in alignment to your specific needs and situation. Between you and the Caregiver, you can agree if you are a suitable fit for employment based on whether you need part-time care, live-in care, or 24-hour care, they’ll be there to support you. 

Please note that we do not employ Caregivers directly or provide home care directly.

types of care that caregivers provide

The Survival® Caregivers believe that Caregiving is a calling. They are committed to providing quality, compassionate care that is tailored to your needs and they provide the assistance your loved one needs to feel safe and comfortable.

Senior and Frail Care

Disability Care​

Post-Operative Care​

Palliative / End-of Life Care


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